about us


We at Electromech Fire Fighters Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai (EFFPL) care for the Environment, Health and Safety. We also adhere the importance of the Ecological System

Our vision is a culture of sustainability and knowledgeable community who value and implement best practices in EHS

Through a combination of education, database available on various Sites and use of Science as base point, EFFPL carryout training for all the Employees and other contractual staff members to understand and know the Environment, Health and Safety properly.

EFFPL programs are practical and participatory, combining research, education and community Organisation to develop grass root strategies for real and effective fundamental needs of EHS.


Research : From the available data base we work with educators, experts and volunteers to study and develop models of Safety functions. This helps our employees at different levels to understand importance of Safety and how to manage it

Education and Training : It is practiced and built into all of our program metrics. We teach simple skills through demonstrations and communication and also teach our employees to teach each – other and also the employees at different levels.

We try to meet every quarterly as and when possible to discuss on various Environmental, Health and Safety issues. We update and upgrade ourselves by exchanging the views and try to implement the changes in our day to-day activities.


Initiatively participating in programs focusing on the Environmental Issues, we have gathered information and have passed it down the line to our Employees at all levels.

Major current environmental issues may include climate change, pollution, environmental degradation, and resource depletion etc. The conservation movement lobbies for protection of endangered species and protection of any ecologically valuable natural areas.

The level of understanding of Earth has increased markedly in recent times through science especially with the application of the scientific method. Environmental science is now a multi-disciplinary academic study taught and researched at many universities. This is used as a base for addressing environmental issues.

Concerns for the environment has prompted the formation of Green parties, there are an increasing number of films being produced on environmental issues, especially on climate change and global warming.

Some of the Important Activities we have adhered effectively are as under :

Minimise use of Paper : Use Electronic media for communication, Stop unwanted printouts, restrict use of Toilet Papers and Paper Napkins, within next five years, we will put efforts in making a Paperless Office.

Fuel Conservation : Minimise use of Vehicle for a shorter distance or use a public Transport instead of private Vehicle.

Minimise use of Plastic material and have stopped using Polythene carry Bags.

Rain Water Harvesting.

We have stopped installation of Halon Gas Suppression System and also insist our associates for doing so.


We as a Contractor, our Staff members, sub Contractors, Clients Personnel, and all individuals interacting at Site shall be fully and solely responsible for ensuring compliance to the Safety measures

We are also covered under ESIC, PF and other statutory Authorities. We also enforce the Contractors All Risk Policy and / or Workmen Compensation Policy. These policies are imposed on independent Contract basis.

We also undertake following precautions for the Man Power, Machinery and Material during the execution of Contract :


1. We understand and apply statutory Safety requirements.

2. Usage of Personal Protective Equipments (PPE) is mandatory.

3. Suitable Barricades are provided while working at height or excavation.

4. We have appointed qualified and experienced Safety personnel

5. All our employees, sub contractors workmen shall be medically fit to work.

6. All Staff Members and Employees are provided with Uniform.

7. Even Subcontractor Employees are provided with the Reflective Jackets with EFFPL Logo promptly marked over it. Also they are cautioned about suitable clothing while working.

8. Necessary weekly training is conducted during the execution period.

9. First Aid Boxes and Fire Extinguishers are provided at Sites.

10. Any near miss event, accident or dangerous event at Site is reported and recorded. The same is also discussed among the Site personnel so that it is not repeated.


1. Tools & Tackles used at Site are thoroughly inspected prior to its use.

2. Machines are well equipped with Machine Guard to prevent access to rotating parts or nip points.

3. Electrical Power Tools are operated by trained workmen

4. Good quality Cable and its accessories such as Glands, Lugs are used

5. No joint are permitted for Cables particularly used for Hand Appliances.

6. Proper Electrical distribution Boards with Circuit Breakers are used.

7. Gas cutting Equipments are very well maintained. All the Cylinders are placed in the Stand in vertical position

8. Stock for the Raw Material, Tools and Tackles and Waste generated while working is maintained.

9. Scaffoldings, Ladders are maintained and used properly under supervision of Safety personnel.

All our Site personnel, Supervisors and Engineers are well versed with the Permit. They are insist for “Safety Work Permits” from the Client prior commencing any job. Hot Work Permits for Welding, Gas Cutting, Grinding, and Drilling are obtained. Height Work Permits for any work to be carried out at an elevated level are obtained

Last but not least the practice of House Keeping is followed very strictly among each and every personnel at Site.